Mailplane 2 Beta is Available

For those of you who don’t know, Mailplane is an application that combines the best of two worlds: Gmail and your Mac. Mailplane is essentially for your Gmail account. It allows all of the functionality of regular Gmail, but adds a lot to make life easier.

You can compose, save and send email like in a regular browser, but application buttons allow you to compose, send, browse, reply, forward, and Mailplane even includes all of Gmail’s shortcuts. Sending pictures is way faster with drag-and-drop functionality and a media browser. Mailplane also incorporates your contacts from Address Book, which makes sending group emails a piece of cake. The difference between Mailplane and a regular desktop mail client is that Mailplane doesn’t download all your emails, it leaves them on Gmail’s servers.

If Gmail’s settings aren’t optimized for Mailplane, it will let you know, and then take you to the settings page that will enable the feature that you don’t have turned on, in my case, it took me to the Gmail shortcuts settings page.

Uncomplex gmbh added more than 30 improvements to the program. Here are the highlights:

  • Auto-completion for adding and removing labels
  • Hide the Spam count and invitation boxes in the sidebar (nice touch, removes an annoying bold spam folder and invites box)
  • OmniFocus “clipping” integration (plugin links OmniFocus task to your conversation)
  • Do Not Disturb mode keeps Mailplane from interrupting your intense GTD time (when you turn off this mode, you are notified with Growl, sounds, and message counts)
  • Copy and paste images and files from Finder to Mailplane.

Current users of Mailplane 1 will be upgraded to Mailplane 2 for free (very gentlemanly of them, don’t you think?), otherwise it is only $24.95. Mailplane works on Tiger and Leopard.

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