MeetingWave Might Be a Little Late to the Party

mwave logoIf you’re looking to connect with folks in your area or while traveling, MeetingWave wants to bring you together with the help of their online meeting planner. Post an invite to your meeting, either publicly or privately, and interested parties use the service to accept.

You can search by zip code or general location to find something interesting and RSS feeds can be created to match your specific event criteria. It has the obligatory reminders, recurring event creation, and I really appreciate their efforts to help ensure the privacy of users and event locations.

Formerly called Travelers Table, MeetingWave is re-branding to acknowledge that meetings occur everywhere and perhaps their old name was limiting interest in their service, but is it enough?

It may not seem fair to judge a site like this based upon the limited content but no matter how good the platform may or may not be, success is entirely dependent on community involvement and with sites like Meetup or even evite already firmly entrenched here, it may be hard for MeetingWave to attract the folks it needs to be useful.

I honestly didn’t find much of interest to me in the Chicago area, and absolutely nothing out in the suburbs where I spend the majority of my time. While there are a lot of “business opportunity” sort of events, I didn’t see much in the way of networking related to common interest. Also, the inclusion of “romance” meetings seems very out of place for what was pitched to me as a professional networking site.

I also experienced a couple of troubling issues during my registration and testing. The first thing it did after registering me was to lead me to a screen where the only option available was to create my own invite. I really wasn’t ready to do that but there was no other navigation or option for me (like a cancel button.) I had to close the window, revisit the site and log in again. I did this for the purpose of review, otherwise I likely wouldn’t have bothered.

I did have a couple of other navigation issues as well. Occasionally input screens were too long for my display and since things are set to auto-center on the page, I couldn’t get the submit button to stay visible long enough for me to press it. I had to go to full screen mode to increase my display area enough to proceed.

Your mileage with MeetingWave might vary based upon your location and area of interest. I’m going to plan a local tech-worker coffee get together and see what happens. It’s free to use both as a planner or guest so it might be worth a shot to see if you find what you are looking for. Let us know how it works out.

How do you connect with like minded folks where you live, work or travel?

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