News organizations continue to feel their way with social networks, trying to find the right formula for relevance. As Fox News preps an up…

News organizations continue to feel their way with social networks, trying to find the right formula for relevance. As Fox News preps an updated version of its Facebook page, NYT wonders why the cable channel isn’t turning to News Corp (NYSE: NWS). sibling MySpace. It’s not because of rival MSNBC’s relationship with the Fox Interactive Media social net, according to Joel Cheatwood, SVP- development at Fox News, but because Facebook users are “a little older and a little more sophisticated” compared to MySpace. Aside from the usual list of features — discussion boards, reviews, polls and photo submissions — the new Fox News Facebook page includes a video player that will let users create personal playlists, and add individual videos on their profiles, as well as sharing the clips with others on their friends list.

And while Fox enhances its Facebook profile, ABC News is pulling the plug on its U.S. Politics app, B&C reported. That’s not to say the broadcast news organization is giving up. ABC News promises a new, larger Facebook project should be out in a few weeks. CNN and MSNBC are also following with overhauls of their respective presences on Facebook. B&C pointed out that, compared to the other news networks, Fox News jumped on Facebook early: it has been on the social net since 2006 and has 20,000 fans. Putting that in context, CNN

  1. organizations continue to feel their way

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  3. I am not sure most of the Facebook users care about politics…

  4. If the U.S. Economy is as depressed as the Democrats and the news media keep informing everyone, why is the Democrat-controlled Congress spending 150 Million Dollars on Barack Obama's Inauguration? This is about four times as much as any other U.S. President has ever spent on their Inauguration. President George W. Bush spent about 44 Million Dollars on his inauguration, and Bill Clinton spent around 33 Million Dollars on his inauguration, so why is it necessary for Barack Obama to outspend nearly four times as much on his inauguration, when our country has such desperate economic needs? Is this really the best use of hard-earned tax dollars?

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