Kevin Rose's Next Startup to be Green Focused?

Could Kevin Rose, Silicon Valley wunderkind and founder of Digg, Pownce and Revision3, be going green? The Internet entrepreneur proposed a gadget idea on his personal blog recently (hat tip Smart Planet) that could potentially be its own cleantech startup. The idea is a power management system for devices in the home that would communicate wirelessly and be remotely controllable via the web. Not entirely novel, but Rose did offer a few new twists that could make this a killer device for eco-savvy gadget geeks. While Rose tells us he’s way too busy with Digg to tackle another startup, he hopes the idea catches on and says he’d be one of the first buy his own device.

Similar to Tendril’s recently unveiled energy management system, Rose’s proposed idea — which in an attempt to pitch to Apple he calls “iPower” — would include a base station that wirelessly communicates with a number of WiFi-enabled wall plugs to turn attached devices on and off. Rose’s value-add to the idea is integrating it with your phone’s GPS. By occasionally pinging your phone’s GPS, the system would know when you’d left home, prompting it to, for example, turn off the lights that you left on. And you could control the system remotely over the Internet through either your phone or computer.

Rose’s idea sounds like a good partnership with smart-charging startup Green Plug. Green Plug’s chips keep track of a device’s power needs and can cut power to a device once it’s charged. Green Plug CEO Frank Paniagua recently told us that his company is hoping to partner with consumer electronics OEMs to get its chips into devices and chargers. If Green Plug’s chip sets could be upgraded to talk wirelessly, you could have smart electronics that not only monitor energy use but would react to your presence, no extra plugs or base station needed.

For those who impressed friends by controlling your iTunes from your iPhone imagine being able to turn your lights on and off with the swipe of a touch screen.

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