McAfee Site Advisor Ferrets Out the Funk

This week I’ve been using an interesting, free Firefox extension called McAfee Site Advisor, which you can download here. While Firefox 3 has new features built into it designed to identify potentially malicious web sites, I’m betting that McAfee has a larger knowledge base about these site than Mozilla does.

McAfee Site Advisor shows up as a green icon at the bottom right of Firefox, as seen above, and warns when you arrive at a dangerous site. You can right-click on the icon to get options such as View Site Details, which will take you to a page letting you know whether McAfee has tested the site and found it to be safe, and more.

Also, if you do a search in Google, safe sites will be marked with a green check when you get your results back, or a red X will warn you that a site is unsafe, or a yellow exclamation point will pronounce the site’s safety undetermined. You can also hover over the icons, in search results, to get detailed information about site safety.

Strangely, I did not get the red, green and yellow site advisory icons when I did searches in Yahoo–only in Google. I occasionally use Yahoo to search, so it would be good to have this work in both search engines.

Even if you don’t use SiteAdvisor as a Firefox extension, you can still check McAfee’s assessment of any web page by entering its name into the search box on this page. Reviewers from around the web are invited to contribute to the details on the pages in the SiteAdvisor database.

As I wrote in this post, based on IBM’s security trends findings, malware attacks from web sites–rather than from e-mail attachments–are on the rise. Site Advisor looks like a good adjunct to the more simple warnings that are built into Firefox 3.

What do you have on your Firefox toolbar?


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