iPhone apps: many bought, not as many used

Itunesappstore_2Om shares some info today on the wildly popular iTunes AppStore that’s worth a closer look because it underscores a theme I’ve been harping on since day one. According to Steve Jobs in a Wall Street Journal interview, the AppStore has seen over 60 million application downloads. No question that’s a phenomenal number, one that we can’t easily compare to sales on other platforms since those sales aren’t centralized, but phenomenal nonetheless. Here’s where it gets interesting though.

Pinch Media shared some data with Om that shows fewer than 20% of all apps are used once per day. That doesn’t mean that 80% of all apps purchased are "wasted money", but for a device that most people are carrying everywhere, it tells me that a good chunk of the purchased apps aren’t getting used on a daily basis. Great numbers from the AppStore aside, I’d like to see how many apps people have bought that they aren’t using, i.e.: they’re wishing they hadn’t spent the money.

I’ve been very cautious when buying apps for this very reason. Without free trials, which I’m used to on other platforms, I simply don’t want to waste money for an application that doesn’t meet my expectations. The AppStore has made it very easy and seamless to purchase software, which is great. It also makes it far too easy to thrown money down the drain for an apps that simply take up space on your device.

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