Is Starbucks WiFi having problems?

Starbucks_logoWhen Starbucks first made their deal to switch from T-Mobile hotspots to AT&T I saw some strange things in a few of their stores.  The presence of two separate WiFi hotspots in a single Starbucks sometimes gave my PC pause as it tried to connect to one of the two at random.  That soon settled down and for me the Starbucks WiFi has been business as usual for a while.  That’s apparently not the experience that some are having as Buzz Bruggeman is complaining how the T-Mobile hotspots in various Starbucks locations have been giving him fits recently.

Over the last week I have had endless problems trying to log in. And ifyou call T-Mobile tech support their responses demonstrate a new levelof cluelessnes.

Buzz is no doubt running into the support issues I foresaw when Starbucks quit T-Mobile.  I don’t think T-Mob cares about Starbucks customers any longer but no doubt that short-sightedness will bite them in the long run.

So how is the WiFi at Starbucks been for you lately?

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