No Kahuna: Lightweight Project Management

ScreenshotIf you’re running a very agile project team, you may find that even tools like Basecamp are too complex and high-maintenance. No Kahuna offers a new take on lightweight project management for those cases – and it works very well. After you sign up, you can choose to create a sample project, which lets you explore the functionality easily. A project is made up of tasks, which are assigned to people. Tasks have comments and categories, and that’s it: no other data fields to maintain. But it’s easy to see all of the activities for each task, so they can become the center for doing work.

There are lots of nice touches here: multiple views to make it simple to find things, the ability to make projects public (great for open source), sorting, a scoreboard to show you what’s up. The UI is quite responsive and uncluttered. I’d like to see per-project RSS feeds, though. The pricing is hard to beat: free for unlimited projects and users, but each project is limited to 30 active tasks. Upgrade plans start at $9 per month for 3 projects with unlimited tasks.


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