Get Your Business Plan Unstuck

While we’ve challenged the notion that every startup needs a business plan, many new web entrepreneurs still see them as essential. And therein lies a problem: it’s too easy to fall into business plan paralysis, where you get stuck on the writing and never actually launch into your new work. If you’re in this situation, head over to Wise Bread for their advice on creating a business plan by answering 4 simple questions. If you know what you’re selling, who your customers are, what your timescale is and how the money will flow, you’ve got enough to put together your first plan and move on.

There are actually a multiple parts to some of these questions, but Wise Bread’s approach steers a useful path between not having a plan at all and getting bogged down trying to create ten years of detailed financial projections that you’ll never look at again. If you’ve got an unscratched entrepreneurial itch, it’s worth a look.


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