Zeer: Social Grocery Lists

ScreenshotZeer is a social networking site built around a special focus: food. Their key asset appears to be a database of over 100,000 food items, searchable by UPC code (it turned up about 80% of the random things I pulled off my pantry shelves), and carrying nutrition information as well as user-generated reviews and ratings. In addition to this content and community forums, Zeer wants to manage your shopping list; you can maintain it online or access it, along with Zeer’s other info, from a mobile device. They envision people stopping at a new item display in the grocery store and looking to see what their friends think of it, for example.

Web workers tend to move towards doing everything online, and I’d love to use Zeer for my grocery list – but it doesn’t quite work for me (and I do all the grocery shopping for our family). While it’s useful to be able to find, say, pears without sugar added, I really want to limit the search to “products in my local grocery store” – which of course isn’t technically feasible yet. Similarly, I can’t imagine updating an online pantry inventory often enough to make it useful. I guess I’ll have to leave some of my life offline for now.


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