Bootstrap: Bookkeeping for the Self-Employed

ScreenshotBootstrap wants to be your online bookkeeping service – at least, if your requirements are simple enough for their streamlined interface to handle. Their sweet spot is the self-employed worker who needs to track income and expenses in a format that’s easy to transfer to the IRS Schedule C at the end of the year. As you enter money in and money out, Bootstrap keeps track of your profits and losses, and makes some simple estimates of your tax liability (though they caution that these will not be as accurate as using the IRS forms).

What’s missing? Asset and depreciation accounting, customizable expense categories, accounts payable and receivable, for starters. But, at least in the beta period, Bootstrap is free. If you’re currently just tracking money and and money out on a spreadsheet, Bootstrap is worth a look; if your needs are more sophisticated, you’ll want to go with some other alternative.


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