Atomkeep Tackles Profile Management

ScreenshotIf you’re like many web workers, you have accounts with profiles all over the place: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Jobster…so what do you do when you need to update your description or photo or other profile info? Atomkeep hopes they have an answer for you: set up a profile at the Atomkeep site, and you can synchronize it with all of your other services at once.

Atomkeep understands how to log in (on your behalf) to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Jobster, YouTube, Yelp, LastFM, Digg, Blogger and other popular services. When you add a new service, you can choose to merge your existing profile info in to your master Atomkeep profile. Then, later, you can make changes at Atomkeep and push them out to any or all of your other accounts. The user interface is occasionally a bit confusing, and it would be nice to see passwordless APIs spread for this stuff, but if you maintain a lot of accounts and want consistent personal branding it’s worth a look.

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