5 iPhone Apps to Help Save Gas

If you upgraded early and don’t have an iBrick 3G, you’re presumably cruising Apple’s new app store. And if you’re also a green geek who’s looking to save fuel, and some money on high gas prices, we found 5 applications that can help you out; they’re basically replacements for the little notebook and pencil your dad kept in the glove compartment to track his gas usage, just with a touchscreen interface.

MPGAccuFuel: Tracks mileage and spits out slick graphs and quick comparisons of performance. Hypermilers, enjoy. Made by Appigo. 99 cents. Update: Developer Appigo has renamed this app “AccuFuel.”

FuelGage: Same functionality as MPG but no graphs. Tracks multiple vehicles and trip totals, good for splitting gas costs. Made by Joseph Kueser. 99 cents

GasHog: A less slick-looking MPG. No graphs.
99 cents

CarStat: Even less powerful and less slick MPG. This one does, however, track fuel costs and multiple cars but charges you a dollar more. Made by Stephen Blessing. $1.99

WHERE: GPS and GasBuddy work together to get you gas prices from the nearest stations. Made by uLocate Communications. Free.

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