KiGoo, another way to sync Outlook with your Google Calendar

Earlier this year we highlighted Google Calendar Sync, a free tool for keeping appointments in check between Outlook and a Google Calendar. Some folks were less than impressed by the performance and limitations, so perhaps KiGoo is worth a look. I just watched the above video that demonstrates the easy install and usage, but I’m holding off on installing the app due to my life in a browser.

KiGoo appears to offer a full two-way sync for your Outlook and Google calendars, which is especially nice for folks that want Google events on a smartphone: once KiGoo passes your calendar back and forth, you can use ActiveSync to get the events on a Windows Mobile device, for example. KiGoo offers both your Outlook and Google calendars together on a single view or you can peruse your appointments in a side-by-side view as well.

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