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We’ve been Strike.TV, the consortium of more than 40 online shows coming from Hollywood guild members that was inspired by the writers’ strike. Tonight Variety has some more details on the site, which is set to launch Friday, but only with a “sizzle reel,” followed by actual content in about a month.

The line-up is definitely intriguing, but the whole effort makes me wish I’d parked myself by a picket line during the strike preaching the gospel of the Internet. Apparently all it took to get the gang on board was a day-long seminar about “how relatively cheap and easy it is to produce high-def Internet vids, now that high-def cameras and sophisticated editing software is widely available and affordable.” Well duh! We could write that seminar in our sleep.

The other thing I find interesting is how low-budget the project (which will donate its first three months’ revenue) is. Since participants are paying the bills for what they create, apparently the site launch cost “less than $10,000.”

Without further ado, here’s some of the initial lineup, courtesy of Variety:

– “Global Warming,” starring “Saturday Night Live’s” Kirsten Wiig and “Daily Show’s” Aasif Mandvi;
– “Unknown Sender,” penned by Steven de Souza and starring Timothy Dalton and Joanne Whalley;
– “House Poor,” created by “Office” writer-producer Lester Lewis;
– “The Challenge,” starring Bob Newhart and penned by sitcom vet Lloyd Garver;
– “Five or Die,” written and directed by horror movie vet Tom Holland;
– “John’s Hand,” starring Garret Dillahunt and Kali Rocha.

More than 40 shows in total! Man, there are just too many Internet series to keep track of these days. Look for us to filter through the bunch and showcase some of the best ones at NewTeeVee Station.

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  1. I can’t to see how this pans out! While there are plenty of comedy sites out there, it’s ALOT harder to find quality web series in any other genre.

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