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  1. Andrew Link Tuesday, July 1, 2008

    SonyEricsson has a nice opportunities at this market. I guess they will have some privileges.

  2. "In a mistake Nokia made in the North American market and is still trying to fix, Sony Ericsson has stuck to the classic candy bar shape"

    Come on – do your research properly here – SE are leading the way with new and interesting formats and technologies, W350 – Flip, W380 – Clam, W980 – fantastic looking Clam, C902 – Slider (new variant slider), C905 – 8.1Mp slider.

    When I look around me the majority of phones I see are not Nokias and certainly not HTC or Apple, they are SE phones. Depsite the profit warnings I think anyone who would compare SE to Motorola is sadly misguided.

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