Programming Alert: Structure 08 & GigaNET

The big day has finally come. In a few hours we are going to kick off Structure 08, which we will be covering extensively today – from live blogs to video interviews to a live video stream. So stay tuned for more and in the meantime please check out these articles from our network:

  • NewTeeVee: Flick write, change channels. All you need is a Hillcrest remote.
  • NewTeeVee Station: Shaq raps, slams Kobe. Now on tape. … or whatever!
  • Earth2Tech: Interviews René Penning de Vries, an SVP and chief technology officer of NXP about the business of designing energy efficient gadgets.
  • OStatic: Symbian goes open source.
  • WebWorkerDaily: Tips to aggregate all your social networks and stay on top of the data flow.

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