Open Thread: Your Biggest Web Working Blunder

Working on the web is great – except when it’s not. One of the areas where our way of work is a two-edged sword is in accountability. When you do something great, it’s easy to get the credit, because you aren’t just one of an anonymous herd in an office. But when you mess something up, it’s equally easy to get the blame. And given the nature of the tools we use, opportunities to make mistakes are always around.

My own biggest screw-up is easy to remember: I ran a mistaken SQL statement and wiped out about 4GB of data in a production database – a couple of days before we were going to implement regular backups. I kept my job, but there was plenty of egg to clean off of my face. How about you? What have you managed to do in your web working career that was a huge mistake? Feel free to post anonymously if the story is particularly outrageous.

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