[qi:_earth2tech] Former SAP exec Shai Agassi may have convinced both Israel and Denmark to take a chance on his electric vehicle infrastructure startup, Project Better Place, but getting regions of the sprawling U.S. on board is another story. Agassi tells Earth2Tech in a video interview why he thinks the U.S. is actually a really good fit for his company’s plans. It’s all about those clustered urban centers and the two-car American family. Check it out here.

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  1. This is the worst idea America has ever seen, what happened to free markets and capitalism. This idea sounds socialist and should not enter USA. This ideas is perfect for those lazy boring racist socialist countries like Canada, Denmark, and Europe who love paying high taxes and bad service.

  2. Jag: It’s you yanks who should start taking notes, and soon. I’m quite happy thank you to be a citizen of Canada, a country with a net positive balance of trade, net positive government budgets, net positive oil import/export situation, some political leaders with a clue and some blog comment posters who aren’t completely brain dead. Racist? Canada? Where are you getting your projection from?


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