VMWare Fusion 2.0 beta 1: more support for multiple monitors, 3D graphics


VMware continues to forge ahead with their Fusion desktop virtualization product for Macs. Earlier this month, they launched a public beta of version 2.0 which is just a quick download away from your Mac. The new features include:

  • Multiple monitor support — Use as many displays as your Mac can handle.
  • Enhanced 3D capabilities — Play more Windows games with DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 2 support.
  • Easier switching to VMware Fusion — Import virtual machines from Parallels and Virtual PC with ease.

In my home office, I use a MacBook Pro with a 19-inch secondary monitor so I’m already leaning towards giving the free beta a try. I still own a license for Parallels, but I’m always open to checking out new solutions. If you’re not swayed yet, consider watching the above video demo. If nothing else, it’s fun to watch virtual machine windows move across eight monitors and the background tune is rockin’ as well.


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