New mouse- Kensington Slimblade Presenter Mouse

I have been using a good portable wireless mouse for a long time.  The ThinkOutside Bluetooth Travel Mouse has been a good workhorse for me but more and more recently I have been thinking of replacing it.  While it’s nice to have a wireless Bluetooth mouse since I use so many different mobile devices it’s quite a pain to have to re-pair the mouse all the time when I switch gadgets.  It slows me down to be sure.  I also have been thinking that it would be good to have a mouse that was thinner since I use so many thin gadget bags with narrow pockets and the ThinkOutside, while small, is too thick to fit in a lot of these pockets.  The MoGo mouse I use fits the thin test but I still have the Bluetooth pairing problem.


Today I was in the local Circuit City and thought about my mouse dilemma and figured I’d check out what’s available today since I haven’t checked for a good while.  One mouse in particular caught my eye, the Kensington Slimblade Presenter Mouse.  The Slimblade is small and more importantly very thin so it will stow pretty much anywhere I need to put it.  It runs on two AAA batteries with a quoted life of 6 months which is pretty darn good.  It’s not a Bluetooth mouse, rather it used a little USB wireless dongle that stores inside the mouse for transport.  When the dongle is stowed it turns off the mouse to save battery which is pretty cool.

I plugged in the mouse to the Lenovo U110 and it was recognized immediately and works very well.  It’s responsive and fits well in the hand and no driver installation was required.  Now the Slimblade also works as a Presenter control which requires a utility installation but I really don’t need that so I probably won’t install it right away.  Right now I’m just using it as a standard mouse and it’s cool that I can easily move it from device to device with no hassles and no mess.  The USB dongle is less than an inch long so it’s like it’s not even there.  I am happy with the purchase so far and I’ll report back if that changes.

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