IETester Finds Rendering Errors

ScreenshotThe more time I spend with the web development portion of the web worker community, the more I hear people say bad things about Internet Explorer. But it’s a fact of life that you need to make your sites work in IE – and worse, you need to check them in multiple versions of IE. IETester is a free tool to make this just a bit easier. It gives you a browser without a whole lot of features – but the key feature it does have is the ability to make new tabs use the rendering of IE5.5, IE6, IE7 or IE8 beta 1. Thus with four quick clicks you can see your site in all the recent iterations of this browser.

IETester itself is a work in progress, and has bugs of its own. But as a first line of defense, it’s worth a look: use it to see whether your site looks wonky in older versions of IE, and if it does, fire up a virtual machine with the real thing to check further. It comes from the makers of DebugBar, a full-featured IE plugin for web development.

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