Granted, the iPhone gets a lot of news any day of the week, but today the New York Times, Ars Technica, and Information Week are all raining on Apple’s parade, claiming that Jobs’ prediction of 10 million iPhones in 2008 was way beyond the mark. Macworld […]

Granted, the iPhone gets a lot of news any day of the week, but today the New York Times, Ars Technica, and Information Week are all raining on Apple’s parade, claiming that Jobs’ prediction of 10 million iPhones in 2008 was way beyond the mark. Macworld steps in with an article showing how it is nearly impossible that Apple won’t sell 10 Million iPhones.

What does Apple need to do to meet that lofty goal. Here are three things that will almost ensure 10 million units:

  • Release it, STAT! – All the empty stock is only hurting their chances of selling more phones.
  • Reduce the price – $400 or $500 is too much. Many people can’t see themselves spending that much when it is entirely possible to get a phone for much less. Shoot for the subsidized price of $149 and $249. It would be hard to pass up if it is less than $250.
  • Open the App store at WWDC – After building up our hopes earlier this year, don’t dash them again. Make the iPhone a need, and not just a want.

3G and GPS are great features that would certainly make the phone better, but they will not carry the phone to 10 million units sold in this year. What else will be a deal-maker for you?

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  1. As much as I love Apple, even with a significant price drop I don’t see how they can meet the goal of 10 million iPhones sold in 2008. With gas and food prices so high I think people are prioritizing more and a new sleek phone is not on the list. At least not on my list.

  2. Got to say I’m with the MacWorld post. I can’t see how Apple will shift less than 10 million units this year. Most of the nay-sayers I’ve seen have been staggeringly US-centric. One of the biggest factors that’s certain to boost sales is that it’s finally gonna be available in more than a small handful of countries. And the lack of 3G has led to huge numbers of potential buyers in Europe holding off, since EDGE networking is almost non-existent here while 3G coverage is near universal and much, much faster.

    If they fail to pass the 10 mil mark this year, I’ll eat my own shoes.

  3. And the nay-sayers are looking at this year’s sales so far, which obviously does NOT include back-to-school or Christmas sales, the largest of the year. I think Apple’s letting the iPhone channel dry up now because they’re totally focused on the end-of-year and don’t mind losing some sales now in order to make it then. (Not to mention that anyone with a clue is not buying iPhones now when they know that a newer model is coming out in a month or two.)

  4. Well, Apple is about the quadruple (or more) its potential customer base for the iPhone. With 67 countries already on board, plus a couple more really big ones likely to sign on, I’d be hard-pressed to say they don’t make it. And that’s on top of 3G, GPS, new Apple apps, 3rd-party apps, and the big Sep-Dec holiday quarter.

    And like you said, if they drop the price (or subsidize it), it will become even more irresistable.

  5. Simon Beckerman Thursday, May 29, 2008

    Apple seems to go for blackberry with the new phone but what makes the blackberry so good?

    1: I don’t have to check the mail. Blackberry tells me when i have mail: No little number on the icon… because i already know i have 234 unread mails…. But I still have to go and check if i have new ones every time… (I can’t memorize every time the little red number 234, 234, 236 on the mail icon… it’s stupid).

    Blackberry has a very very useful and “addictive” light that blinks red EVERY TIME i recieve a new mail since the last time i went in my mail inbox. Simple, silly but very effective and useful.

    2: Blackberry internet service works out of the box for small business and consumers. No microsoft exchange, no .mac $99 subscribtion over the already expensive plan. I get push email included.

    3: Push email is REALLY pushed on the phone, and it’s not the phone checking every x seconds like iphone does now with the yahoo mail. This way battery life is not affected by push services. How do blackberry do this? Simple, the phone operator pairs your physical phone to the blackberry service via IMEI number…

    In this way blackberry does all it’s push applications. You can have a google talk always open on blackberry in push mode and battery life still is not affected because everything is “pushed” on the phone when needed.

    4: Make ONE ONLY inbox where I can check all my messages. Blackberry has it. Its useful.

    5: Blackberry messenger? it’s there, it works via push. Apple should put ichat. Maybe make it work only between iphone users like blackberry does, and not only via wifi.

    Also, other things I think apple should do:

    1: make it plastic. Not metal, not glass. plastic. simple easy. colour. nano docet….

    2: Get out of your black “scientology” tee shirts. One day some cool guy will come out with some cool product and he will not accept your job offers…. cina is getting closer and easier.


  6. I didn’t pick up an iPhone until April, because I was waiting for my Sprint contract to end. I’m sure there are millions of others out there waiting on the same thing. The $250 convinced me to make the switch and not wait for the 2G iPhone. At that time I wasn’t sure it would be released in the U.S. until the fall, but now it appears that it will be.

  7. You realise that the 3G phone when available will be selling outside the US? I’m with Ian, 10 milion’s a no brainer or I’ll eat my slippers….

  8. I don’t see the App Store going live, that early in the month. I bet it will be at the end of the month, for sure.

  9. I think Apple will sell 10 million iPhones in 2008, but that is not what Jobs said at the Keynote in January 2007. He said they would sell 10 million iPhones by the end of 2008. That would include the sales in 2007 as well.

  10. Lee Williams Thursday, May 29, 2008

    Apple should have had the iPhone into Canada at the beginning of 2008…but we Canadians still wait…and wait….and wait….

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