Google contacts now sync with Mac OS X. I call it Whoogle.


I’ve been offline all day but just returned home to see the news about Mac OS X 10.5.3. The update went perfectly smooth on my MacBook Pro and aside from the fixes, I see there’s new functionality that syncs Google Contacts with the Mac Address Book. That of course translates into synching said contacts into iPhones via iActiveSync, iTunes.I’ll be the first to say that Google’s Contact app is minimal, but this is a step in the right direction. It also supports my initiative to move away from Microsoft Exchange and migrate to Google for mail, contacts, and even document creation. There’s definitely a user-base for Microsoft Exchange outside of the enterprise, but I see that user-base gaining new and effective options all the time. This new function also makes me wonder: just how deep is the relationship between Google and Apple? The iPhone is “Google-fied” up the ying-yang and now we’re seeing evidence of the same in Mac OS X. In any event, my guess is that we’ll see OTA contact synching between Google and iPhones by year end, making “Whoogle” an even better mobile solution.

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