Amazon cuts Kindle price by 10%, I’m still 100% not interested

KindlehandLooks like the “early adopter” tax is gone from the Kindle to the tune of a 10% price reduction. At the current check, Amazon has the eBook reader in stock and selling for $359, much to the chagrin of the eBay Kindle market. I’ve borrowed James’s Kindle but I’m still not sold at $359. I realize that many Kindle buyers are happy with their purchase and I can see their reasons why. EV-DO is integrated, buying content is quick and easy, plus there’s a huge amount of content available when compared to other eBook shops.I’m still happy enough to read books on my UMPC for now. Perhaps the Kindle 2, or a solid eBook client for the iPhone, will wow me enough to drop eBooks from my Samsung Q1UP. Maybe the issue is that I’d lose the rights to all of the eReader format books I’ve bought since 2003. I tend to read my books again and again, so if Amazon offered a way to convert those prior purchases, I’d be more interested.

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