In the last few weeks I’ve been in a situation twice where only one person had Internet access (me) and needed to share it with other people or devices. The first time we were at a convention center and only had wired internet access at the […]

In the last few weeks I’ve been in a situation twice where only one person had Internet access (me) and needed to share it with other people or devices. The first time we were at a convention center and only had wired internet access at the booth. We had several iPhones we needed to use to display a website (we were demoing a new mobile website). The second time our wireless router went out in the office and only a handful of computers are running on a hard-wired ethernet connection.

In both cases, we needed to access the Internet and having a Mac saved the day. It was extremely simple and quick to share my internet connection on my MacBook Pro using built-in features in Mac OS X.

To share an internet connection over Airport, you will need to be connected to the internet by either a wired ethernet connection or by a cellular card. I used a Verizon V740 card to share the internet connection at the convention and hard-wired ethernet connection at the office when our router went out.

So how do you share your Internet connection using Mac OS X? See the tutorial below, or take a look at the video.

Open the preferences pane and click “Sharing”:

Click on the name “Internet Sharing” which will bring up the internet sharing information to the right of the preference pane:

Choose the type of internet you want to share (I have “Built-in Ethernet” selected to share):

in the “To computers using:” section check the box labeled “Airport”:

If you want to name the network, set encryption or a password, click “Airport Options…”:

Once you have configured the settings, check the box next to “Internet Sharing” on the left and you will be prompted with a warning: “Are you sure you want to turn on Internet sharing?” Click Start.

Now your internet connection should be shared. In place of your normal WiFi signal strength indicator you should see the icon on the right.

Also check out the video:

Internet Connection Sharing

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  1. Hah, I do this all the time at my Uni. Very useful and usually very speedy. In a vice versa method, at home I use the wireless access from my Mac to pipe a signal via ethernet to another computer without a wireless card installed.

  2. This never works for me when I’m at work.

    Since my office’s authentication certificates won’t work on my iPhone via Wifi, I try to share my ethernet connection from my MBP.

    It seems that regardless of my internet sharing options, my Airport automatically connects to the office Airport network. No sharing ever occurs.

    All that I can think of is to tell my Airport settings to ‘forget’ my office network… but I don’t want to do that everytime I want to share my ethernet wirelessly because I use both wired & wifi frequently throughout the day.

  3. Philip Shane Friday, May 23, 2008

    really love your screencasts. :-)

    but I have to convert them to get them to play on my iPhone. any chance of publishing an iPhone ready version of ‘em?

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  5. So, will this technique also allow iTunes to see and utilize any external speakers attached to the “Sharing” computer?

    I’d love to be able to remotely access the good Bose speakers in my office (connected to a Mac Pro) from iTunes on my PowerBook. This capability would enable the “Sharing” computer to replicate the Airport Express’ AirTunes feature, without having to install another Airport Express in small room…

    Now that would be cool.

  6. This works fine for me as long as I keep my firewall turned off, which is really not a good idea. Has anybody figured out how to make this work, AND use the built-in Mac OS X firewall to protect your computer for attacks? If so, please post the solution here.

  7. Alyce LaGasse Monday, July 14, 2008

    Great … I got it… and the other Mac recognizes mine via airport but can’t connect to the internet. How do I get it to be able to be online? I am using 2 MacBookPros and a verizon USB 720 air card.

    Thanks so much.

    1. Adolfo Fidel Mendez Montes Alyce LaGasse Wednesday, April 21, 2010


      did you find a way how to do this? im using a macbook air… with the same usb card


  8. i can connect to the internet using web browsers safari and firefox, but not using other internet applications. any idea why?

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  10. Anyone know how to do this with a Windows PC?

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