AOL India has tied up with Galatta.com for movie content related to South India, an AOL (NYSE: TWX) spokesperson confirmed to ContentSutra.…

AOL India has tied up with Galatta.com for movie content related to South India, an AOL (NYSE: TWX) spokesperson confirmed to ContentSutra. The recently launched South Cinema channel features content from Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil cinema. All the content is in English, though AOL does have local language content as well in collaboration with OneIndia.

Trying to ride the IPL T20 wave, AOL has also launched its a game cricket game called StickCricket, with a league. The AOL spokesperson told me that the game has been developed in house, with some parts of the development being outsourced. I tried out the game – it appears one can only bat, not bowl, and I didn’t find anything special in the gameplay, but there are users with as many as 283 wins.

Apart from this, AOL has also launched video as a separate section, as Reuters reported recently. Many of these videos, and the sections, were there when AOL India launched, but as per the company, they’re now aggregating the content in a separate section for AOL Video. In terms of deals for content, AOL has a hybrid model – they pay a fixed fee for videos in some cases where content is not a revenue generator, and pay a revenue share in other cases. AOL also has a content production team based in Mumbai, as well as tie-ups with content providers. Remember, a few months ago AOL had launched video search Truveo in India.

Update: Thanks for the heads-up in the comments and mail – it appears that StickCricket has been around since 2004, well before AOL India was set up. Check out the Internet archives here. Sure enough, the stickcricket game was around in 2005 (see this page).

Update: We’ve just received a clarification from AOL – AOL has got this game from StickSports in the UK, with customizations. For users from India only, we’re told, StickCricket.com redirects to Stickcricket.aol.in.

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  1. Information Madness Thursday, May 22, 2008

    Nikhil Its been a while they have StickCricket. They have also introduced Free SMS for its email users.

  2. Nikhil, Stick Cricket was developed in house by AOL. It's been around for 4 years at http://www.stickcricket.com. They only recently teamed up with AOL.

  3. Sorry, meant to say Stick Cricket WASN'T developed in house at AOL.

  4. Nikhil Pahwa Friday, May 23, 2008

    Thanks Steve and IM: the name stickcricket rang a bell, hence I asked them about whether it was developed in-house or acquired. will update the post.

  5. ya…StickCricket is a truly rocking game. complete monopoly. And to team up with AOL…its a win win for both

  6. falu maan lucky Saturday, February 28, 2009

    sir iam want to play in cricket game.

  7. Great, now I will be able to watch it there too.

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