iPass adds Windows Mobile client. How’s that stack up against Boingo?

IpasslogoiPass just announced a Windows Mobile client for access to over 100,000 hotspots. Sounds good in theory, but I noted a couple of items worth noting in comparison to Boingo Wireless, which provides a very similar product. The new iPass client is for Windows Mobile 6 only; devices running an older iteration aren’t supported at this time. Boingo on the other hand supports a wider range of clients: WinMo 5 & 6, Nokia N800 & 810 devices and Symbian S60 handhelds.In terms of the number of hotspots, things look even enough between the two with support at Starbucks, McDonalds, Borders bookstores and airports. Pricing brings another difference into the equation however. U.S. notebook plans at iPass are $29.95 monthly while the Handheld plan is $9.95 a month. The same offerings at Boingo? $21.95 for notebooks and $7.95 for handhelds; a difference in price that adds up on a monthly basis.I do see that iPass offers something that Boingo currently doesn’t and that’s a plan with WiFi and 3G for $69.95 per month. It looks like they’re reselling WWAN service and even offering a PC Card modem for purchase. Still, with the news yesterday that AT&T will be bundling unlimited WiFi for Laptop Connect customers, even this differentiator has limited value. Regardless, connectivity is a personal choice and I’m sure iPass has many happy customers. Hopefully, this info is of use for folks considering an unlimited WiFi plan. For customers of either service: do you have a compelling reason why one is better than the other?(via PocketPCThoughts)

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