Firefox 3 RC1 still not tablet-friendly

FirefoxtipI just downloaded Release Candidate 1 for Firefox 3 since barring any major code-tastrophes, it’s a safe bet this version will be the final release. What’s the first thing I did? Checked the tablet and ink input methods, as they’ve been an issue since early on.

I installed the browser on my Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium UMPC that’s running Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate and uses a touchscreen, not an active digitizer. I hit up our site and immediately tapped in the Google Search text box. No Tablet Input Panel, same as before. Just to make sure it wasn’t our Google Search implementation, I tapped in our comment fields: still no TIP.

Tapping in the Address Bar does bring up the TIP, but not with the web-context buttons like "http://", "www.", and ".com", which I use extensively. I also noticed that the floating TIP will not appear if you first highlight any part of a URL in the Address Bar; truly a pain because I often select the entire URL and then hit the TIP to delete and replace it with a new URL. I’m also not seeing a fix to the auto-complete bug first noted late last year. Actually, I’m only seeing the auto-complete function when you send the data from the TIP to the Address Bar, but it could just be me.

I haven’t tested any of these Tablet scenarios on a device with an active digitizer; I can’t see why those would behave differently, but if someone has a few minutes to check, let us know!

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