Fujitsu UMPC gets refreshed: Intel Atom-based U2010

1There’s no official press release that I can find, but DigiTimes has information and a picture of a new UMPC from Fujitsu. This appears to be both an external and internal refresh of the Fujitsu U810 UMPC. On the outside, there’s a an extra row of keys on the already diminutive keyboard. Inside, the older Intel A110 CPU gets swapped out with an Intel Atom CPU, although there’s no information on which specific chip or clock-speed the device will see. There’s an expected launch in Tawian this July for the 610 gram device with 5.6-inch touchscreen display that rotates. The model for Tawian will also include integrated GPS and WWAN connectivity.I’m not sure if we’ll see the device here (other than through importers), but I’d be curious what current U810 owners think about the refresh. The converted price is nearly $1,300 and although that might not be an exact cost translation, the current model is setting folks back around $900. I’m also assuming the unit will come with Microsoft Windows Vista as the touchscreen alone would disqualify it from XP’s stay of execution on ULCPCs. Vista on an Atom CPU? I’m still not convinced that’s the best combo, but we’ll have to see.

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