VentureBeat has done a good analysis of the mobile social networking space, covering (what it thinks are) the 10 largest most significant co…

VentureBeat has done a good analysis of the mobile social networking space, covering (what it thinks are) the 10 largest most significant companies in the field. MySpace Mobile and Facebook Mobile come out on top, with both companies claiming more visits than the top mobile-only network, Mocospace, which had more than a billion visits in March. The big focus is how the mobile-only networks view the threat of MySpace and Facebook moving onto mobile, with most of them saying they weren’t worried because they offer a better mobile experience — which is what you’d expect them to say. Still, to a large extent it’s true… not every social network user is on MySpace or Facebook, and the same will apply on mobiles. Myspace in particular is very bullish on mobile, saying

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  1. Matthaus – Venturebeat Saturday, May 10, 2008

    Hi James,
    thanks for the compliment.

    You have a valid point, to some degree, in saying "what it thinks are" the largest 10 companies in the field. A really comprehensive, "objective" list of companies is not possible as the market seems to be very fragmented. This is also one of the major insights when I did the research.

    Still, our list of the 10 companies is certainly not about "the largest" and we state that in the article … if you go by size then there are some others out there, particularly those who live by ondeck traffic which should have been on the list. The list hopes to have identified 8 companies which have a particular good shot at dealing with MySpace/Facebook & Co.

    We had a couple of criteria, with a particular bias towards offdeck traffic as we think that this gives the companies that "particular good shot". The nomination process went via peer review, mostly. I did a lot of interviews and the first question my interviewees had to answer was: "who are you competitors ?" If a company got named a competitor, then I researched it/tried to get an interview with it (& again asked for the competitors). This is what I mean with peer review. The process took me a month and pretty much all the data is double-checked.

    I hope this background gives you some additional transparency to how we came to this list. Keep up the good work,

  2. James Quintana Pearce Saturday, May 10, 2008

    Hi Matthaus,

    Thanks for the clarification — and I shouldn't have read "most significant" as "largest", that was an error on my part. The "what it thinks are" was just me pointing out that it is your objective list, rather than an absolute fact or my list (although I agree with your points).

  3. Matthaus,

    Why is Loop Mobile's MOKO left of the list, mobile-only social networks you covered? It has one of the most advanced user-experiences and its usage statistic's are incredible.


  4. Matthaus – Venturebeat Sunday, May 11, 2008

    Hi Jon,

    I did come across MOKO, but left it off the list because of the information available to me. Still, as I say, there's a good chance that we missed out on some SMN out there. During my research, for example, I stumbled upon some SMN in Asia which are massive but I simply could not cover. So I appreciate any comments and please feel free to send me an email in case you think you have something for us worth reporting on in that regard (matthaeus at hmmaha.com). Thanks !

  5. James Quintana Pearce Sunday, May 11, 2008

    Jon — I thought of Moko too, but it's mainly in Australia — a small market. Still, I think it's got a good chance of avoiding the MySpace/Facebook steamroller with its white label business, like with Big Brother.

  6. Thanks Matthaus and James for your responses. I just want to clarify one thing, MOKO is not just big in Australia but the UK as well, with a growing user-base in the US too.

    In any case I think these guys have the right strategy and a product that will allow them to scale in what is a fragmented and unproven space.

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