Vista power management- High performance or Balanced?

SpeedingAs a mobile worker I usually keep my portable devices running Vista or XP with a power management setting of Power Saver.  I’m always trying to eke out the most battery life I can so I don’t run the risk of running out of juice.  Sometimes though I set the Vista power management to Balanced in order to get better performance than in Power Saver if I don’t suspect that battery life will be a problem that day.  I find my performance is greatly improved under the Balance setting which according to Microsoft is defined as follows:

  • Balanced. Offers full performance when you need it and saves power during periods ofinactivity.
  • Power saver. Saves power by reducing system performance. This plan can help mobile PC users get the most from a single battery charge.
  • High performance. Maximizes system performance and responsiveness. Mobile PC   users mightnotice that their battery doesn’t last as long when using this plan.

Logic would tell you how the 3 different settings would affect the performance of your mobile device but according to Jenn Lee of logic doesn’t necessarily play a role in this.  She has recently run benchmarks on two ultra-portables, the HTC Shift and the Sony TZ notebook and discovered that on both devices the Balanced power setting provides better benchmark numbers than the High Performance setting.  Say what?  Check out Jenn’s benchmark numbers and see for yourself.

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