Wicked-fast Screen Shot Sharing With grabUp

You’d think by now we’d have see everything when it comes to screen image capture software for OS X. While Apple provides basic functionality out-of-the-box there are a plethora of add-ons that vie for your ?-Shift attention. One of the more recent contenders is grabUp, a simple enhancement to ?+Shift+4 that takes the selected screen area, uploads it to grabUp servers and gives back a URL for the image. That’s it. No accounts, sign-up, registration, etc.

You enable grabUp via System Preferences and can choose whether it is available at login and also whether you wish to give up any remaining, precious menu bar space (their menu bar item provides access to your screen shot history):

(That shot is also available via their site: http://www.grabup.com/uploads/5951fc424b702c5c85508f847f989369.png)

Uploading is fairly speedy and providing the ability to turn off ?+Shift+4 hijacking makes it a complementary screen grab tool as opposed to a competitor. I should also note that it does keep a local copy of the image capture, just like an un-enhanced ?+Shift+4 would generate.

I’d really like to see Growl support added so you know when the upload is finished and the URL is available, but there is built-in visual feedback for this if you do enable the menu bar icon (it turns green while the image is uploading). There is also no mention of how long your images will be available, but they are hosting over 15,000 captures as of this post.

If you download grabUp and give it a try, drop a note in the comments. (And, before there is a deluge, readers should be aware that Skitch provides a similar bit of functionality, but you do need to register to make use of it).

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