Could you go for Inbox Infinity?

If you’ve tried and failed at GTD, and you can’t maintain Inbox Zero to save your life – you might want to think about a new suggestion from Pistachio Consulting’s Laura Fitton. She calls it “Inbox Infinity” and it works this way:

I want my optimized inbox to automatically delete all messages on a rolling time frame, x weeks or days after receipt. With that as the default, I would set up rules for certain messages to auto-archive instead of delete.

Then, the idea is to cherry-pick the messages you actually need to deal with, turning them into tasks or events as Inbox Zero systems recommend you do. The ephemera, the notifications, the newsletters…you just let them fall out of the bottom of the box after they’ve done their job of getting your attention for a moment.

What do you think? Could this system work for you? And if it could…is there a way to implement it in GMail or another email client?

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