Mac to Mac Internet Sharing: an issue and the fix


InternetsharingmacosxWe’ve shown you how to share a Windows Mobile Internet connection with a Mac and it’s a very painless process. Apparently sharing that web connection between one Mac and another isn’t as straightforward. Dan Moren over at MacWorld wanted to do just that between two Macs using a cable and the Internet Sharing setting, but ran into a snag that wasn’t readily transparent.Based on his experience, it turns out that while the second Mac could get an IP address, it wouldn’t connect to anything beyond. Some digging on the web turned up this interesting and useful tidbit: the second port he set up gets the same subnet as the first. Dan figured out that he could assign a manual IP address to his Mac and do the same with the other Mac to get them on the same network to share the connection. I’d be surprised if this particular issue doesn’t get addressed in a future update to Mac OS X. From an end-user standpoint, it should generally be as simple as checking the Internet Sharing checkbox in the Sharing settings.

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