FoundRead Finds a New Home

Dear FoundRead readers, after nearly 12 months, the time has come to take a hard look at the progress of this blog. The results have been mixed, and as such, it’s time to make some changes.

First the good news: The concept (and the premise) on which we started the effort was spot on, reflected in the dozens of contributors that became part of the FoundRead roster. In Hollywood lingo, this blog has been a critical hit, with more than 5,000 RSS subscribers, many of them startup founders or aspiring founders. That is very cool.

Popular aggregator and news discovery sites have linked to us occasionally, but there is one site that has embraced us completely: Hacker News ( To them we say thanks.

And of course many of these achievements can be directly attributed to FoundRead editor Carleen Hawn, who has done an awesome job of building a community, finding interesting writers and drawing the very best stories out of a wide range of startup founders.

Sadly, FoundRead hasn’t really generated the kind of traffic we had hoped for, so it’s time for a change. Here are the details:

  1. FoundRead will stop being a standalone blog and will become a category on GigaOM. Each article in this category will carry FR branding, including the logo.
  2. Readers of FoundRead will be forwarded seamlessly to the new category page.
  3. FoundRead RSS subscribers will continue to get articles from the FoundRead category: no more, no less. [If you want to subscribe to FR feed, click here
  4. Carleen Hawn will remain the editor of the FoundRead channel, so you can still contact her with story ideas, etc.

What I hope to achieve with this change is to keep the concept of FR alive but expose the great content to the larger community of readers who visit GigaOM. I want everyone to know that this has been a painful decision, but given the current economy, a necessary one. I hope you will continue to support us in this new, somewhat more modest format.

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