outs Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium Vista model

Samsungq1ultrapremiumThis isn’t a terribly huge surprise, but it appears that is now offering a different variation of the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium. I bought the Q1UP-XP which had Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition pre-installed and 1 GB of RAM. The Q1UP-V will of course sport Microsoft Windows Vista, although I can’t tell which edition it will have. My guess would be the Home Premium edition, although the Business and Ultimate editions also support Tablet PC functionality.The price for the Q1UP-V at is listed at $1,449.00, which is a $150 premium over what I paid for my UMPC running Windows XP. The extra cost gets you Vista, but also gets you a 2 GB stick of RAM installed; I don’t see any other differences. While it’s not difficult to buy and install the 2 GB yourself, I could see some folks just opt to buy this higher-priced model so the upgrade is done for them. shows the device as temporarily out-of-stock with no ETA on an availability date.(via Origami Project)

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