Toshiba hopes for 512 GB SSD by end of 2009

Toshibassd128gbIt’s no secret why the adoption rate of Solid State Disk drives is plodding along slower than a Commodore 64 trying to display multitudes of sprites on the same screen. There’s two main reasons: high price and low capacity. Actually, if you combine them you get one reason: the price per GB is several factors higher when compared to traditional magnetic hard drives.News of out Toshiba via Electronista addresses that issue: the electronics giant expects to offer a 512 GB SSD drive by the end of 2009. They’re on the right path as their 128 GB SSD unit should be appearing in the next few months. The best news from all this is that they expect to reduce SSD prices by 40 to 50% a year, which helps that price per GB ratio tremendously. Applying 40% to a 64 GB drive that cost about a grand last year means that same drive might run you $360 next year. Still a relatively high cost, but it’s a dramatic drop.

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