Skype offers unlimited SkypeOut long-distance plans

Skype_logoI’ll be adding this news to my growing list of “Reasons I want to ditch my land-line”. Skype just announced unlimited long-distance calling plans that they claim reaches one-third of the world’s population. On paper, that means I can call one of my three friends and talk as long as I want. Sweet! Now which one of the three will it be?Thirty-four destination countries are included in the unlimited plans and there are no long-term commitments. However, if you nab a 3- or 12-month plan by the end of May, you’ll get a 33% discount. Hey… what is it with the “one-third” theme? Check out the monthly rates and supported countries on the Skype press release right here. Looks like the bulk of the plans average around four Euros a month, although our States-side readers have a nice deal at just under two Euros a month. From a “fair use” perspective, Skype is defining “unlimited” as roughly 10,000 minutes per month, which works out to five-hours of daily gabbing.Since I’m at a computer nearly all of my waking hours, I actually prefer using Skype to call out to people’s cells and land-lines. It’s much more convenient as I can be hands-free and multi-task, plus the recipient doesn’t have know a whit about Skype. Meaning: it’s good for folks like my Dad. ;)


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