HTC Shift reviewed: the other side of the coin

4496James offered up an HTC Shift review a few weeks back that was less than glowing. Fellow MobileTechRoundup podcaster Matt Miller provided a similar one and we discussed the pros and cons of the device on a recent show. The takeways in my mind were: less than adequate battery life, poor inking, and not a good overall performance to price ratio. That’s why I’m highlighting another HTC Shift review today. TabletPCReview was impressed by their first look (which had me scratching my head in wonder) and now they have their full review available.They seem marginally less impressed by the device but still feel there are more pros than cons. If you wrote the Shift off from your potential purchase list, you should probably take a look at the review. Me… I’m still scratching my head in wonder, but in fairness I didn’t review the device. I simply used it for a short time at this year’s CES. For me personally, the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium is a better purchase for roughly the same price. It’s actually less, but I’m including my purchase of a folding Bluetooth keyboard to even things out a little since the devices don’t match up spec-for-spec.


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