Ustream Raises an $11.1M Warchest

Kyte isn’t the only personal/live video startup with a big bank account anymore. is announcing today it has raised $11.1 million in Series A funding from Doll Capital Management and Band of Angels.

Ustream faces quite a bit of competition and hasn’t quite gotten its leadership figured out, but its stats do seem to be going in the right direction. According to the company, in the year since launching it has seen:

260,000-plus registered users
More than 2.2 million unique viewers
75,000–120,000 viewer hours per day
Over 2 million viewer hours per month
10,000-plus hours of live streaming content per day
350,000-plus hours of live streamed programming per month
8,000-10,000 broadcasts per day
400 – 600 concurrent streams (at any given time)

We spoke with Ustream founder John Ham today, who added that the site has a delay of less than one second for live broadcast (though sometimes that can get worse) and has seen a maximum of 20,000 viewers on a single stream. That record was for Steve Jobs’ Macworld keyword, which coincidentally was also competitor Qik‘s simultaneous record, we learned earlier this week. (Those geeks, they like their Apples.)

Ham said that part of the value of DCM as a funder was its presence in Asia; Ustream hopes to reach out to Asian markets in the near future. He also mentioned that by viewer hours, sports is the single largest category on Ustream.

Ham said banner ads are Ustream’s “nascent monetization strategy” but projected the site reaching profitability in the next 12 months. He would not comment on rumors that Microsoft had been looking at acquiring Ustream except to say “we’re committed to building a business.” Ham did admit that raising funding effectively rules out a near-term acquisition.

One blip in Ustream’s sunny outlook: the company seems to be having more leadership trouble. It had previously named Chuck Wallace, a founder of Esurance, as CEO, replacing Chris Yeh, an angel investor who had stepped into the chief executive role early on. When I asked why Wallace wasn’t doing the funding call, and if he was no longer Ustream’s CEO, Ham stumbled. “I don’t want to say yes, I don’t want to say no,” was his response.

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