In 2006 I had traveled to London to meet British Telecom (BT) CEO Ben Verwaayen and his team, hoping to get a first hand look at how Verwaayen and his team were trying to overhaul the company well known for its iconic phone booths. They had […] Read more »

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It’s raining gadgets at Mobile Tech Manor as today unexpectedly this showed up at the door: There will soon be good coverage of this HP Pavilion tx2051 Entertainment Notebook but I can tell you so far it’s the fastest Tablet PC I’ve used yet due to […] Read more »

OK, we’ll bite. ABC is shamelessly exploiting the “green” trend trying to save the planet by launching a new video widget and hooking up with the Arbor Day Foundation. From now until April 30th, for every 10 videos watched through the ABC doohickey, one tree sapling […] Read more »

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Google’s decision to release HuddleChat — a ripoff of Campfire, the chat application created by 37Signals — and the kerfuffle that ensued almost overshadowed the release of its Apps Engine platform that HuddleChat was meant to showcase. Worried that it would be perceived as a Goliath […] Read more »

Alaskan Village Suing Big Businesses Over Global Warming: The residents of the Inupiat village of Kivalina are suing large oil companies, electric utilities, and a coal company alleging the companies’ actions have destroyed the village, located on a precarious barrier reef – ClaimeIntel. Contraction & Convergence […] Read more »

Sen. Ted “Tubes” Stevens (R-Alaska) warned FCC Chairman Kevin Martin yesterday that the upcoming digital TV transition should be his No. 1 priority, and that Martin should forget distractions like a la carte cable pricing and Net Neutrality. According to Multichannel News, Sen. Stevens said: “I […] Read more »

In this post, I’ll detail the four most important steps you can take to keep your public Wi-Fi sessions secure, and make some recommendations for free tools you can use, as well as ways you can approach your commonly used applications for optimized security. Read more »

MicroISVs, software developers who have fired their bosses and clients to start their own software companies, work on the bleeding edge of online technology. They are the earliest of adopters, among the fastest to jump on a new tool, idea, process or site that let’s them […] Read more »

Maybe it’s really old media of me to say this, but if the New York Times says you’re the “Oscars of the Internet,” that’s probably what you are. (Of course, the NYT can afford to pay the Webbys submission fee, so they’re perhaps a little biased.) […] Read more »

As the first quarter of 2008 roars by like a 747 stuffed with biofuels, our research peers are tallying up the amount of cleantech investing that went down. Between $988 million and $1.25 billion globally, according to two reports out this week, the lower figure from […] Read more »

Yahoo and Google are reportedly going to run a two-week test in which a limited amount of Yahoo’s U.S. traffic will carry Google ads. If all goes well, then a broader outsourcing search arrangement could be struck by the two companies. And as they experiment, talks of combining AOL and Yahoo are gaining traction. Continue Reading. Read more »

In watching people sample Twitter, I’ve come to one conclusion: those who end up finding it a useful service tend to be people who build up a network of a few dozen to a few hundred people. If you only have a few Twitter friends, your […] Read more »

This winter holiday season, visitors to Best Buy will be able to purchase televisions and DVD players with the ability to transmit wireless video in high definition. But before getting too excited about dumping your cords, you should know that there are currently four different ways […] Read more »

Veronica Belmont will cohost Revision3’s Tekzilla, the company announced today. Belmont had last week announced she was leaving Mahalo, where she was the host of Mahalo Daily. Commenters had speculated she would join an existing tech show like Tekzilla or TWiT. Revision3’s shows are mostly technology-oriented, […] Read more »

By Imran Ali, a founding partner of Carbon Imagineering, a UK-based emerging technologies think tank incubating a number of technology startups as well as contributing expertise to various media properties, including O’Reilly, Corante and Giga Omni Media. Web Worker Daily’s very much been grounded in the […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] This week, four teams from UC Berkeley took home prizes in the Venture Lab Clean Technology Innovation Contest. The winning team developed a small, pencil-sized steel fuel cell that can convert kerosene, a common fuel in developing nations, into electricity for indoor lighting. For a […] Read more »

High atop Barrows Hall on UC Berkeley’s campus, the 16 semi-finalists in the Venture Lab Clean Technology Innovation Contest this week made their final pitches. Each of the competitors had a brutally enforced 3-minute window for the “American Idol”-style session. Finally the judges — which included […] Read more »

When Slideshare launched in 2006, it was no surprise that people referred to it as “PowerPoint plus YouTube”. However, this observation is an overly simplistic one. There are more things that the average online worker can do with Slideshare – if we care to look hard […] Read more »

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