eReader adding new titles like hotcakes

Ereader_logoI’m not sure how many titles are truly new releases, but has anyone noticed that eReader is adding new titles at an amazing rate? I’m gauging this observation on my RSS feed for new eReader releases and I’m getting anywhere from 15 to 30 a day. This is definitely an improvement over the long haul as I’ve used this RSS feed for well over a year. My guess: if I’m correct and we are seeing a big influx of new releases then it’s likely the direct and positive result of eReader’s purchase by Fictionwise in January.Has anyone else noticed this? Are you using the RSS feed for new releases? Although Amazon has much more of a selection (I’d guess by a 5 to 1 ratio), I’m still sold on eReader due to their simple DRM implementation. Their software was the first third-party application I added to my Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium and I use the program seven-days-a-week.


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