Sleep and charge USB function on new Toshiba notebooks

Prod_sata305fftw_30001Boy, I could have used this function on the CES trip a few months back. Xavier notes a handy feature on the new Toshiba Satellite line of laptops: Sleep-and-Charge USB ports. You can charge devices over USB while the notebook is on (duh!), off, in sleep mode or hibernating. While in Las Vegas this past January, I had to make sure my computers were plugged in and powered on while I was sleeping-and-snoring-charging on a nearby mattress. That was the only way I could recharge my mobile devices that use USB to power up the battery. Look for the feature in the U400, M300, A300 and P300 notebooks in the Toshiba Satellite line. I can’t believe that Toshiba is the only OEM that offers this function: does your notebook have it and if so, which brand / model do you have?


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