It's Easier Than You Think to be a Green Web Worker

Being a web worker just by its very nature (pun intended), helps keep our planet green. By working from home, we automatically cut the amount of fossil fuels consumed and carbon output that the daily commute involves. For more about how technology is going green and making the world a better place to live, read our sister blog Earth2Tech.

In the meantime how can we, as web workers, be more green?

Moving More of Your Services Online

Your bank likely provides a free online bill-pay service. Use it. Each electronic payment saves paper and also saves you an enormous amount of time. Also, check if your utility company and other montly bills offer online bill service. This way, you can also skip having to receive paper bills each month.

Working with clients? Check out online invoicing. We’ve covered FreshBooks before, and other online invoicing options include PayPal’s request money feature and BlinkSale.

Also, to cut down on paper usage, check out our tips on printing smarter.

Use Energy Wisely

If you’re working at home constantly, you probably keep the heat at a higher rate than if your home was empty. Try throwing on an extra sweatshirt and turning down the heat a few degrees. Alternatively, dress cooler in the summer and invest in a ceiling fan in order to keep the air conditioning from having to work so hard to keep you cool.

Combine your trips. If you have errands to run for either work or business, combine them. For example, if you have to get milk and go to Kinko’s to make some copies, make both stops in the same trip. This will help cut gas costs and save time as well.

Set your electronic devices wisely. There are power saving settings for your computers and it’s a good idea to set them for your situation. I have my Mac go to sleep after 20 minutes of inactivity. Perhaps you need an hour or just 10 minutes, but use these settings and your power consumption (and bill) will go down a bit as well.

There are many things we can do in our day-to-day business life to help the environment. None of these actions alone are going to make a huge difference, but every little step helps. What home business sustainability practices do you recommend? How do you go about being a bit more ‘green’?

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