Gemstar-TV Guide: Our Data is Good

Last month, I lamented that my Comcast DVR was dumb because it repeatedly recorded the same episodes of shows that I liked. Comcast said the problem had to do with the show programming data it receives from Gemstar-TV Guide. So I spoke with Steve Shannon, executive vice-president and general manager of product development at Gemstar-TV Guide, and asked him about how his company’s data stacked up against the competition from Tribune, which TiVo uses.

“I beg to differ on the quality,” Shannon said. “Compare the data. TV Guide has enormous access, more than anyone. Bad data may have been an issue four to five years ago, but it’s good quality now.” As we talked a bit further about the recording issues, Shannon did concede that there was “room for improvement” in the way the interactive programming guide works now.

I just got a review unit from TiVo that I’ll be hooking up this weekend so we can pit it vs. Comcast in a DVR battle royale.

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