QVGA vs. VGA: a pixel is worth a thousand words

VgawindowsmobileHas it really been five years since I purchased my first VGA Windows Mobile device? Yup indeedy, it was early in 2003 that I plunked down gobs of cash for a Toshiba e805 handheld. There were plenty of other choices available, but the Tosh had a gorgeous 4-inch touchscreen that was full VGA. 640 x 480 glorious pixels. Ah… first loves…I’m a bit surprised now that VGA screens haven’t dominated handheld displays. On smaller screens, they’re definitely overkill, but once you get above 3 or 3.5-inches, I think there’s some real benefit. If you’ve never seen a good comparison of Windows Mobile in QVGA and VGA, you’ll want to check this one. It’s choc-full of great side-by-side pics that show how much more usable information that a VGA screen can display. Makes me miss my e805 even more. Sniff…(via Jason Langridge)


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