Obama's Earmarks For Cleantech

Can squeaky-clean (and squeaky-green) Barack Obama turn the dreaded “earmark” into a good thing? The Washington Post recently chided the Clinton camp for attacking Obama as a man of words instead of action by comparing his voting record this Congressional session to that of Hilary Clinton’s. During that time, Obama approved just $3 million of those famously corruptible tack-ons known as earmarks compared to Senator Clinton’s $110 million. But perhaps more significantly, Obama’s earmarks directly benefited cleantech.

Senator Obama disclosed his earmarks for fiscal 2008 on his web site last year, and this (decidedly porkier) package of earmarks continues to demonstrate his commitment to technology that can reduce carbon emissions and help curb global warming. Hat tip to this post on Griper Blade, which alerted us to his record.

Included in the package is $5 million for Chicago State University “to develop a sustainable and portable power system for military operation,” and $750,000 for the Illinois Institute of Technology to “solve critical research and development challenges directly related to achieving energy independence through environmentally friendly, commercially feasible approaches.”

And among the largest sums he approved, $6 million, goes to the Midwestern Regional Climate Center to provide “solutions to specific climate problems in economic and environmental areas such as agriculture, energy, risk management, transportation, and water resources.” Not exactly the famous Bridge to Nowhere. Don’t earmarks sound a little better when they’re tinted green?

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