Apple upgraded its Macbook and Macbook Pro lines of notebooks. With three product lines – Macbook, Air and Pro – it is time for you to tell us which is the Mac notebook you like the most, and why? Take our poll and then leave a comment.

Apple Macbook ProApple has introduced new versions of it notebooks — Macbook & Macbook Pro — with a little more speed, more hard drive and memory, but the same price. Tell me you are as underwhelmed as me by this announcement. These speed bumps are business as usual in the PC business, thanks to Moore’s Law.

The new MBPs have a trackpad with Multi-Touch gesture support similar to that of the Macbook Air, but that’s all. I was hoping for a redesign of Macbook Pro. And the new notebooks use Intel Core Duo 2 Penryn processors, which makes me wonder: Will the new machines run cooler? (Frankly I will settle for cool enough for mobile computing.) And will they have better battery life, as suggested by Intel’s claims of energy efficiency?

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  1. The Macbook Pro is a solid design. Not sure why you would want a redesign. If there was one, we would have to sit out for a year while people whine about issues with the first generation of the new design.

  2. I agree with D. Fuller. The design is great for the MBP and I’m not sure why a design overhaul is necessary. If by asking for a refresh, Om, it is in regards to the fact that the Air has the same form factor of the MBP I can see what you’re saying.

    The Air is a middleman between the MacBook and MBP and therefore a higher priced machine would not have the same general form factor or be made of the same materials.

    However given that we are on the cusp of WWDC I don’t foresee any major overhauls coming up and that we won’t see a MBP design refresh until fall. That’s my $.02

  3. I don’t think they were trying to overwhelm anyone. They simply upgraded some machines on their site with very little fanfare. If this was a Macworld announcement then I’d be underwhelmed.

  4. Underwhelming? How jaded we are. Agree with Desmond, The design has another 3-4 years in it. What would you redesign in the MBP? Written from my Powerbook 1.67 15″, remember those?

  5. @trixareforkids

    I was hoping to see a MBP design overhaul, ala Macbook Air. So from that perspective this is a marginal upgrade, or rather business as usual.

    @ David Evans, I remember the PB. I wish I could get my 12-inch Powerbook back and use that for work. I have so many problems with the “heat” on these new machines.

  6. Seriously Om, it was not meant to be anything other than an minor upgrade. There is no reason for a full redesign, especially since the air has only been around for a short while and has received only marginal reviews. That design needs to prove itself before being considered for any other models. Besides, what is wrong with the current MB and MBP designs? Other than the heat dissipation problem.

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  8. Jobs is on record as stating that they pretty much nailed the design of the MBPs and the MBs are a legitimate bargain for $999. It’s totally preposterous that people are making a stink about the refresh of the existing lineup. The only legfitimate complaints are from those who recently bought a MBP or a MB in the last 45 days.

    I’m confident that Apple IS working on a refreshed design of the lineup and that they hold a special event to launch any serious redesign of their core lineup. Clearly they can slim down the screen based on the MBA design and taking some of the girth of the lineup is probably on the way as well. I’d also love to see a redesigned MBP or MB that has the option to eliminate the built-in super drive for weight savings.

    I’ll end with a general comment on blogs…. I’m starting to loath the gadget-mongering of engadget and gizmodo (less so) and really appreciating the editorial content of some of the more refined networks. Thanks Om, et. all.

  9. There has been conflicting news regarding a 7200RPM drive being made available – does anyone have the final verdict?

  10. The new MBPs come with a 200GB 7200RPM drive available as an option but the default option is a 250GB 5400RPM drive.

    I just ordered a new MBP this morning to replace my two-year-old one. It’ll be very nice to have a nearly 3X increase in hard disk capacity and 4GB of memory. Also will be nice to not hear the fan whine when the machine gets too hot and to have a power supply that doesn’t fall apart every six months. (I’m assured of satisfaction this time around because I sprung for AppleCare like a good little soldier.)

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