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It’s a gorgeous day to work out in the back yard.

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  1. Kevin C. Tofel Sunday, February 24, 2008

    Same for me… as soon as I clear the 3-inches of snow that’s covering an acre of property. ;)

  2. Three inches? That’s nothing. Here in Iowa, I have 18″ of snow in my yard (where it’s not drifted higher than that) and we’ve been running temperatures near zero for a couple of weeks. This is unusual for February here. We’re looking forward to spring, but another storm is headed our way!

  3. P.S. James, I think I hate you! ;-)

  4. James Kendrick Sunday, February 24, 2008

    sbtablet, you are learning at the Mike Cane school of JK hating. :)

  5. I. Hate. You.

    I. Also. Hate. Your. Weather!

    Freezing here in NYC.

    xoxo, mc

  6. Anywhere from 8 inches to a few feet depending on where snow was shoveled/plowed/or thrown to these past few weeks.
    And, it is mostly frozen hard as a rock, with the edges being slushy this afternoon. My son and I were throwing icy-slush balls after church this morning. Its still mostly hard as a rock though.

    And, my brother-in-law just mentioned were getting more snow tomorrow!

  7. Nice back yard. You really need to do your geek sessions from there rather than wherever it is you do them from now. I’ve held off criticising the ambience of your geek sessions because I thought to myself, hey, don’t knock a guy’s home, but now that I see you’ve actually got a nice place, I’ll allow myself to say: you and Kevin (who has just announced that he’s the lord and master of an acre himself) need to change the respective backdrops of your geek sessions – and big time!

  8. James Kendrick Sunday, February 24, 2008

    Hey, I move around all the time. I’ve even written about the retreat:


  9. Frank McPherson Sunday, February 24, 2008

    Nothing worse than people in warm weather states rubbing it in to those of us in the north! Grrr

  10. I used to be cold, and then life went south. ‘Twas a great day up 290 in the State Capitol.

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